Mike Francesa

The sports radio personality voted for Trump in 2016. Now he's calling out the president for failing Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.
"I love getting calls from communists," the governor told one angry constituent.
“You’re telling me that is considered a slight if you call someone an Oriental American?”
Remember when people thought this guy might become president?
"If you have good players and good coaches, why are you 1-7?" The New York Jets fell to 1-7 after another inept performance
A prominent sports radio host told listeners that Mets player Daniel Murphy, who missed the first two games of the season, should have played ball instead of being with his wife and newborn son.
It isn't too late for you to join the modern world. You can open your minds and learn. Reach out to me or to millions of other dads who can set you straight. In 2014, that would be the manly thing to do.
It would be impossible to have displayed more of a tin ear than Francesa did with his repeated calls for the good old days when men's role was to hand out cigars and get back to the office. It seemed that every father that called in to his show to offer a different perspective only sent Francesa further into his downward spiral.
"Go see the baby be born and come back," he said in the audio clip below. "You’re a Major League Baseball player. You can
By Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing First it was the Revolutionary War, then the Civil War, and finally the last in a triumvirate