mike gatto

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A California lawmaker on Thursday joined at least three of his colleagues in seeking the resignation
Allowing the replacement of a natural ground-covering with cheap synthetic turf is effectively the same as allowing the replacement
"No one expects their lettuce to contain heavy chemicals from fracking wastewater."
For years, watchdog groups in California have criticized the existence of a slush fund controlled by the speaker of the California Assembly. The fund, which is not subject to any credible audit or oversight, has spent over $100 million in the past six years, mostly for pet projects and peddling political influence.
There's finally a state budget surplus, and it's reserved for an out-of-state corporation, not the 9 million people living in poverty. Under total Democratic control, California has just approved $420 million in corporate tax breaks for defense contractor Lockheed Martin.
If California Assembly Member Mike Gatto has his way, cats who enter shelters without identification will be immediately taken from their families and given to for-profit companies, including potentially, companies who sell animals to research labs.
State Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles) has authored legislation that would ban individuals from using the so-called
"If I...[wanted] to sell bread in a store anywhere in Los Angeles County, I basically have to own a wholesale food processing
The students took collective action to request a ban on polystyrene food trays after they learned during a class trip to a Los Angeles recycling center that food contaminated polystyrene does not get recycled; instead it goes straight to the dump.