mike honda

Red to Blue California PAC, which aims to flip seven GOP-held districts won by Hillary Clinton in 2016, has enlisted Democratic former Rep. Mike Honda to help.
Our northern neighbors had the big, messy, national debate about anti-Muslim hate that we still need.
Democratic attorney Ro Khanna is headed to Capitol Hill.
The primary results mean Ro Khanna will again challenge Rep. Mike Honda, a fellow Democrat.
Seven decades ago, Japanese-American kids facing similar discrimination were forced from their homes and imprisoned.
There are two resolutions before the House condemning anti-Muslim bigotry. They have little to no chance of passing.
President Obama had some fun this week, and by doing so actually forced the media to tackle a serious subject on his agenda.
A few months back, he announced a major shift in U.S. policy towards Cuba, ending a half-century of frostiness, and this week the outlines of a deal to avoid a war with Iran were unveiled, thawing a relationship that froze over back in 1979.
The issue is one that Honda has long championed. In 2001, he was the sole vote against the USA PATRIOT Act, saying in a memorable
A visibly emotional Honda called his 8-year-old granddaughter "beautiful" and said "watching her grow up, it was a process
Congressman Honda's granddaughter will never have to wonder how her grandfather feels about her. She will see it in the work that he does, the hugs he gives, and the eyes that gaze upon her with love. What a gift he has given to her... and to all of us, by extension.
Some of our inquiries may not have reached the right people, especially since it's the start of a new session of Congress