Mike Johnson

House Speaker Mike Johnson says he will try to advance wartime aid for Israel this week in the wake of rising tensions between Israel and Iran.
The California Democrat mocked the House speaker and former president for pushing a bill banning noncitizens from voting.
The presumptive GOP presidential nominee heaped some much-needed praise on Rep. Mike Johnson as he battles to keep his speakership.
The symbolic legislation is more of an effort by Speaker Johnson to save his hide from a far-right faction that's threatening his job.
Johnson is negotiating with the White House as he prepares for the treacherous task of advancing wartime funding for Ukraine and Israel through the House.
The House speaker offered a dose of "reality" and explained in detail why Republicans can't have it all.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene seized the spotlight with a threat to oust Speaker Mike Johnson, but it’s unclear if she’ll go through with it.
The far-right conspiracy theorist offered a hot take that even her critics had to agree with.
Advocates will get a chance for a floor vote on how agencies gather personal data, but they say it’s a set up.
"This is just one more instance of folks who do not know how to lead us trying to divide us," the Georgia Democrat said about the House speaker.