Mike Kelley

Black and Asian voters are most vulnerable at losing fair access to the polls and their voting rights.
There's been some whispering lately about an inevitable leveling off of the art market, and it seems that day has come.
One can hope that through special exhibitions and new acquisitions (it estimates that it averages one new acquisition a week), The Broad will discover, and embrace, its obligation to the public to truly represent the art of our time.
While it skews predictably toward a New York-centric perspective, it succeeds in many ways by introducing the works of lesser-known or hitherto marginalized artists alongside canonical classics.
Niagara's colored pencil piece "Not According to Plan," made in 1974, captures goth art at its very beginnings. Hippie-dippy
Now consider an Athenian born the day Aristotle died. He is the inheritor of breathtaking riches; his city is the crown of culture. But as he grows into his thirties, forties, fifties, age will confide to him that things really are worse than they used to be.
Edward Goldman is an art critic and the host of Art Talk, a program on art and culture for NPR affiliate KCRW 89.9 FM. To
Right off the plane, our first stop was a studio visit with painter Kour Pour, who this past February enjoyed a sold-out show at Untitled NY in New York's Lower East Side.
It's highly unusual for a public figure -- especially a high-profile politician -- to reveal something very personal and rather uncommon about himself. And to do it willingly?
"I thought it was interesting how incredibly accurate and precise every single takeoff was," Kelly told us. "I didn’t change
The terrible news of the artist's suicide came just a few months before this retrospective was scheduled to open in Stedelijk
Gazing upon Sebastian Masuda's dizzying installation "Colorful Rebellion –- Seventh Nightmare" feels like the visual equivalent
Friends from four continents planning visits to the U.S. have asked me what upcoming museum shows are likely to be must-sees. Here's my current list of these shows, which happen to feature an unusually strong selection of work by women.
Who doesn't remember the study of jottings like this being interrupted by a wad of wet paper towels thrown over the stall
"Revenge" was once one of TV critics' and audiences' favorite guilty pleasures. But Season 2 of the ABC primetime soap took a turn -- as did the ratings, in the southern direction -- and the network's president Paul Lee admits the show had some problems.
"Revenge" was once one of TV critics' and audiences' favorite guilty pleasures. But Season 2 of the ABC primetime soap took
July 18th marked the one year anniversary of Mike Kelley's ashes being scattered at Bryce Canyon in Utah. Mike died of an
Another major exhibition I had the chance to see in Paris was a retrospective of Keith Haring at the Musée d'Art Moderne
About 50 feet from the dimly lit entrance is “Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstruction #1 (A Domestic Scene)” (2000
Star Gabriel Mann, who plays Nolan Ross on the series, recently told HuffPost Live that the cast was reeling from the loss