Mike Lindell

The prominent election denier claims the eviction is just a formality because the landlord wants to take the property back.
Mike Lindell owes a computer forensics expert millions of dollars after the man disproved Lindell's false claims about election fraud.
Fox News has stopped running MyPillow commercials in a payment dispute with chief executive and election denier Mike Lindell.
“So, um, basically she lied to all of us,” a National Park Service official told investigators.
The MyPillow CEO is accused of owing millions to a pair of law firms defending him in defamation suits from two voting machine companies.
Mike Lindell’s "Election Crime Bureau Summit" showed the movement’s true believers aren’t deterred by presidential indictments.
The company has been reeling since retailers dropped its products due to Lindell's extremist views.
The MyPillow CEO won't give his conspiracies a rest, concocting this one about Fox News.
A computer forensics expert from Nevada concluded that Lindell’s data, which he claimed offered evidence of fraud in the 2020 election, didn't actually do that.
"SNL" went after the network's "Fox & Friends" program and mocked MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell as he spewed false claims in the show's cold open.