Mike McCurry

Former President Bill Clinton's press secretary isn't bullish on the prospects of a second Clinton administration.
Mike McCurry, who served as Clinton's press secretary from 1994 to 1998, told Real Clear Politics that he may be the "last
He learned at the knee of the Master, Bill Clinton, as his press secretary in the early 1990s. Last week, he told a rapt audience at a private dinner at the National Press Club he did not believe Hillary Clinton has made a decision to run for President
"Tell it all, tell it early, tell it yourself" was the crisis management strategic mantra when I worked at the Clinton White House in 1996-98 as Special Counsel to the President.
Motherhood is universal, though sadly a healthy survival rate is not. Progress is being made to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of mothers and babies, yet too many families are deprived of their moms.
Because they're bankrolling astroturf behind a fig leaf of "public relations," large corporations aren't legally required to disclose the lion's share of their funding of these fake grassroots groups.
These fake grassroots groups have scored some amazing successes. Working together with lobbyists and a pack of sputtering media pundits, they've bullied Washington's timid leadership.
Spin doctors save politicians from their personal disasters. Governor Mark Sanford's spin doctors didn't take the right steps