Mike Medavoy

The industry has changed since the legendary time of Humphrey Bogart, Spencer Tracy and Lauren Bacall.
The WorldPost talks to a Hollywood producer, discusses China’s nationalistic blockbuster and previews artist Ai Weiwei’s film about the refugee crisis.
"The studios are making the same movie over and over again," the legendary producer tells The WorldPost. "People will get bored."
The Cultural Revolution days of an autarkic closed information loop when the Communist Party could dictate a narrative for an isolated and impoverished society are over for China. To believe otherwise is to undermine the very links to the rest of the world that have enabled China to become the ever-more prospering world power it is today.
It may seem unimaginable to witness an event that brings together HIV and AIDS education in Africa, bone marrow transplants, celebrities and soccer for people of all ages. That's what happened, however, at LAFEST last Sunday.
This profound work deserves wide-ranging attention from policy makers in Washington, producers in Hollywood and all of us concerned with the competition for the hearts and minds of people in a global world.