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Rep. Mike Michaud (D-Maine) lost to Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) in the state's high-profile gubernatorial race Tuesday. LePage
Four years ago, LePage narrowly beat independent Eliot Cutler, with the Democratic candidate coming in third. LePage won
Climate deniers like to pounce on snowstorms as evidence that climate change isn't happening. But scientists have found that
Republicans have also implicitly acknowledged that Cutler's candidacy is good for LePage. This week, the Republican Governors
Attention gay men: You need to vote on November 4. Here are a few campaign highlights as a Gay Man's Guide to the 2014 Elections, because pundits don't know how to explain how important this election is in "gay man's terms." Meet your ballot box divas.
Gun Control: Do you support enacting more restrictive gun control legislation? LePage: No Michaud: No Cutler: Yes Taxes: Would
Republican Party officials called Clinton's arrival a sign of a troubled campaign. "I've always admired President Clinton
"It may surprise the governor, and surprise you, that we don't sit around the table spouting partisan slogans," Patrick said
As I told the mother interested in sending her daughter to a "safe school," families should look at the written and practiced policies at an institution.
The Pennsylvania governor and one of his top investigators have both maintained that in 2009 they had only one victim willing
You know the old adage "As Maine goes, so goes the nation"? Well, under the leadership of my opponent for governor, Gov. Paul LePage, that is no longer the case. Instead of leading Maine, he is making us fall behind.
“Climate change is real, its effects are dangerous and threaten our economy," said Michaud. "We need to aggressively address
Rep. Mike Michaud (D-Maine) came out as gay in a column released to three of Maine's major news outlets on Monday morning.
"I don’t plan to make my personal life or my opponents’ personal lives an issue in this campaign," Michaud wrote. "We’ve
"One in three are collecting welfare," he went on. "Highest in the country." "The governor understands that not everyone
Willette, who claims to be the youngest state legislative leader in the country, is one of several candidates looking at
Snowe was expected to coast to an easy re-election. With her retirement, Democrats are thought to be in a substantially stronger
Herewith, LobbyBlog's three favorite political fundraisers happening this week: ANYTHING FIR CASH At noon on Tuesday, Rep