Mike Morell

Mike Morrell, former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency, appeared on the Charlie Rose Show recently with

The leading conservative and progressive commentators on Hillary's ethics clash -- is the likely next Democratic nominee and president more motivated to make history and policy... or money? They review charges, point by point, and actually arrive at one consensus. Then: "Who Lost China", er, Iraq?

WASHINGTON -- Republican presidential candidates have been arguing over the past week that, in hindsight, President George
Intelligence Officer Who Briefed Dick Cheney says Cheney lied about intelligence leading up to Iraq war.
Watch the interview above. “So you support the decision made by the president at the time,” host Charlie Rose asked. The
During his appearance on Monday, Morell once again sought to clear his name. Expecting members of Congress to refrain from
But the questions he's asking now were asked in the past. And answered, too. The Senate Intelligence Committee actually conducted
"I don't understand the inability of our government to make decisions that push our economy and society forward," he said