IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see links below): Massive Antarctic ice shelf will disappear in a few years; El Nino set to upset
What would a Hollywood film based on Jay Z's life look like? According to "Saturday Night Live," it would probably star a
Over the past few years, the artistic talent and creative drive has been on the rise in North Jersey. Young filmmakers are producing high quality content with nothing more than a few pieces of necessary production equipment and some passion to bring stories to life through picture and sound.
When Lorne Michaels was asked about the diversity problem on "SNL" in a recent interview with Lane Brown of New York magazine
Edward Norton becomes the second "Moonrise Kingdom" cast member in a row who is not actively promoting anything to host "Saturday Night Live." And, hey, look at Norton up there: Charming his way through "SNL."
Yes, this is a transition year for "SNL," but the core talent is still extremely solid. (And "SNL" has had more daunting
Dr. Ian Malcolm himself, Jeff Goldblum, is the latest guest on "7 Minutes in Heaven," the webseries starring Mike O'Brien
In the latest installment of web series/excuse to kiss celebrities, "7 Minutes In Heaven," "Saturday Night Live" writer Mike
"Saturday Night Live" writer Mike O'Brien's webseries "7 Minutes in Heaven" has been a HuffPost Comedy favorite for a while
Also, you can check out a ton of previous "7 Minutes" episodes here. Watch the full clip above, and let us know in the comments
The latest episode of "7 Minutes in Heaven" -- the celebrity interview web series hosted by "Saturday Night Live" writer