Mike Parson

Despite calls from lawmakers, anti-death penalty activists and the pope for mercy, 61-year-old Ernest Lee Johnson is set to be executed on Tuesday evening.
Mark and Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty in June to misdemeanor counts of assault and harassment.
They're yanking the extra $300 and other benefits Congress put in place during the pandemic.
Missouri’s fight over Medicaid expansion isn’t the first time the Legislature and voters have bumped heads over ballot measures in recent years.
His wife, Teresa Parson, also tested positive for the coronavirus.
Mark and Patricia McCloskey threatened a group of peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters with their weapons late last month.
Republicans apparently think that infected children won’t also infect teachers and the people they live with.
After enacting restrictive anti-abortion measures, Missouri's Republican governor now faces the lone Democrat holding statewide office for reelection.
"No one is receiving special treatment," Republican Mike Parson said at a press conference Wednesday.
With a signature from Gov. Mike Parson, the state joins several others that have passed increasingly harsh anti-abortion legislation in recent weeks.
The bill will head to the desk of Gov. Mike Parson (R), who is expected to sign it.
It needs another vote in the GOP-led House before it goes to Republican Gov. Mike Parson, who has voiced support for it.