mike quigley

Officials "must answer for what they do and say," including tweets, lawmaker says.
Rejecting gay men who want to donate blood to those wounded in Orlando shows the "moral bankruptcy" of the ban.
Lawmakers voted against publicly releasing informative, taxpayer-funded reports.
Quigley, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, just refuted two key claims of Republican opponents of the Iran deal: the claim that Obama could have gotten a better deal, and that if Congress were to blow up this deal, we could go back to the table and negotiate a different one.
In October, Quigley told the Chicago Sun-Timesearlier this year that he would like to move up in "prominence" and "seniority
Now is the time to keep up the momentum. We must make our voices heard to ensure that the health and rights of women and young people get the focus they deserve, at home and abroad, as the global community decides how best to allocate attention and resources.
Despite the lack of military value, the Pentagon still wants to refurbish the remaining bombs -- a process that would cost a fortune. The planned upgrades would cost $28.9 million per bomb -- twice as much as the cost of the bomb's weight in gold.
Moran added that he believes a rollback of the Tiahrt Amendments would make it easier for law enforcement agencies to be
While there were far more dogs than cats, felines drew their share of admiration. Thelma and Louise, 6-month-old siblings
The congressman met with the bakery's owner Norm Dinkel and learned how to roll out dough for bismarck donuts and worked