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The game show great had plenty to say after Richards was pushed out as executive producer following his resignation as host.
Richards had resigned as the show’s would-be host, yet remained in a position of leadership despite a series of controversies.
Sony said other guest hosts will follow Bialik, but made no mention of a permanent replacement.
Richards is stepping down as the new host of “Jeopardy!” following a slew of controversies, including sexist remarks.
The "Reading Rainbow" icon's wholesome weekend greeting had some fans searching for subtext.
The show's executive producer, slated to take over for the late Alex Trebek, faced mounting questions and controversies, including his history of sexist remarks.
After two sexism scandals, the new host of “Jeopardy!” is stepping down.
Richards called the podcast's co-host a “booth ho” and “booth slut” and disparaged co-workers' bodies.
“Jeopardy!” has decided its executive producer Mike Richards will become the show’s regular host and actor Mayim Bialik will host its prime time specials.
Former executive producer Mike Richards and actor Mayim Bialik will take on hosting duties for the program and its spinoff specials, respectively.