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He said he expects President Donald Trump to nominate a successor this month.
Senator Mark Warner, while doggedly pursuing the matter, lacked the skill to ask the right questions to pin them down.
One of these candidates could be the next Director of the FBI
In Washington, you're never too good to be dragged into someone else's scandal.
Given the stink that was made over the ATF's attempt to ban some .223 ammo, you would think that the gun lobby would be yelling and screaming about what is a bona fide violation of 2nd-Amendment rights. But while some of the pro-gun blogs are blazing away, so far the NRA has uttered nary a peep.
WASHINGTON -- The Senate Intelligence Committee kicked off budget season this week with a slew of appearances from Washington’s
Just as the gruesome beheadings in Syria rallied a once war-weary public to support the deployment of US troops in both Iraq and Syria, the brutal assault at Charlie Hebdo could have the effect of convincing more Americans that US intelligence should keep the power they have in order to detect a similar act of violence.
Rep. Mike Rogers (R) was re-elected Tuesday to the U.S. House of Representatives. Below, a liveblog of more election news
Professional. Bipartisan. Serious. Mature. Those are four words that you would not ordinarily associate with Washington politics. But guess what? The Republican House and the Democratic president actually came together on an issue.
"We have a serious host of problems presenting itself, and our traditional allies are now standing up and saying, well, maybe
"It must be done if the U.S. intends to engage in any combat activity in Iraq," Kaine said. With a few exceptions -- notably
If an enemy army or air fleet is clearly on its way to attack targets in the United States, the military has a plan to respond. It has assets deployed domestically and overseas to intercept such attacks, and has tactics and strategies in place to respond to such aggressive maneuvers.
"We do not do this on some unilateral basis against U.S. citizens," he told a conference hosted by Bloomberg. "We just don't
My support of our troops entails the belief that any soldier taken prisoner should be returned home as soon as possible, regardless of the hyperbole surrounding the terrorists we trade for his or her release.
WASHINGTON –- Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, criticized the Obama administration's
In his first interview since taking office, Rogers, a four-star Navy admiral, stressed the need for transparency and accountability
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) announced this week that he would not be seeking reelection in order to pursue a career as a radio host. In an interview Sunday, Rogers also seemed to leave the door open to possibly running for president in 2016.
"You know, Ronald Reagan back in 1980 -- I don't have to tell you -- used his platform as a radio commentator to run for
So, America, get ready for Mike Rogers, talk show host! Whenever he's asked to produce any evidence for this claim, Rogers