mike rounds

The president aired doubts about Russian meddling in order to stick it to Vladimir Putin, Sen. Mike Rounds hypothesized.
“Stop acting like a chucklehead," Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) said.
This comes the same week the EPA, amid Pruitt's ballooning ethics scandals, rolled back the federal government's only major climate policy.
Being cut out of the loop on Russia could be a good thing for the nation's second-in-command.
Beneath the white sheets of racism, you often find an integrationist, more scared of losing an election than following a conscience.
Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) calls the situation with Donald Trump unfortunate, but says that even if his failure to condemn the KKK was not a mistake, he's still better that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
Republicans like McConnell love to talk about bureaucrats gumming up the works. But what they really want is to get government out of the business of protecting consumers and workers from unscrupulous corporations, too many of whom will take every chance they get to maximize profits without concern for the dangers those risks pose to the rest of us.
To boost Upton, the super PAC received donations from a nonprofit subsidiary of the pro-immigration reform group FWD.us, launched