Mike Tyson

"We officially got the real ball rolling," the Oscar-winning actor said of his long-planned movie about the ex-boxing champ.
The former boxing champ's big moment at a televised pro wrestling match hit a snag.
Getting drunk with the North Korean leader was just the beginning of a very funky encounter, the ex-NBA star recalled.
The tennis champ let her fists fly in a cross-training workout with the former heavyweight champ.
For years, Donald Trump has always been jumping to the defense of bad men.
His defense of Rob Porter and other accused abusers is always conditional.
K.O: Haha. Thank you. God Shammgod: The first time people saw me do it was in college against Arizona during the NCAA tournament
Police shootings, equal pay for women, the refugee crisis — athletes tackled it all in 2016.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he will have his friends in sports speak on his behalf at next week's GOP National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.