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Given the current state of concerns over geo-politics, climate change and terrorism, one can't judge too harshly the decision
There are also delightful supporting characters. JoBeth Williams plays Nick's playfully dominating mother. She wants to see her son happy with the right girl and she will go to any lengths to achieve that goal.
Despite the bizarre twists, bad choices and head-scratching scenarios, I'd venture to say that "Under the Dome" was the TV show of summer 2013. No matter how bad it got, we kept watching. This the finale ended with as much fanfare as the show began.
It's the second-to-last episode of "Under the Dome" Season 1 and Chester's Mill is no closer to being dome-less than it was weeks ago -- but the body count keeps rising.
"Under the Dome" airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. Check out a description for tonight's episode below, and tell us: Do
The season is winding down, but CBS is still throwing every possible scenario our way. It's been a very busy eight days in Chester's Mill, and Monday's episode just adds to the crazy.
The longer the inhabitants of Chester's Mill are trapped "Under the Dome," the higher the body count rises, thanks in no
The trailer for one of the final two movies Cory Monteith shot before his untimely death in July is here. "McCanick" finds
Because of your involvement and Brian's, it seems like people have inevitably started comparing "Under the Dome" to "Lost
Do you think Stephen King captured the reality of the situation with the novel? Do you think people would devolve to their
Are you tempted to go back to the book? Not even for the story, but just because there's so much interior characterization
So he finds himself stuck in a position of having had to defend himself after a rather nefarious deed and stuck in a small
Are you excited for "Under the Dome"? "Under the Dome" premieres Monday, June 24 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. According to King
Stephen King, Mike Vogel, Dean Norris and Rachelle Lefevre preview CBS' "Under the Dome," premiering Monday, June 24.
Check out the new "Watchtower" preview for "Under the Dome" below. CBS has released a new, extended trailer for "Under the
However, Dean says he has ways of making her talk. Hmm ... "Pan Am" is back and the resident lovebirds are flying high. In