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Giuliani's apparent defense — that Trump didn't incite insurrection because the presidential election was rigged — isn't going to work, Rove told Chris Wallace.
The Fox News host was annoyed the first family ignored the mask mandate. He also swatted at Donald Trump's "daddy issue."
The Fox News host featured a health expert who said had the Trump administration taken earlier action against COVID-19 "we'd be in a much better position."
By now, you probably heard Mike Wallace, the former NASCAR driver and brother of former NASCAR champion Rusty Wallace, was
Benjamin Netanyahu has backed away from his claim that it was a Palestinian leader, rather than Hitler, who came up with the idea of exterminating the Jews. But Netanyahu's historical chutzpah has always been breathtaking, as I learned years ago when reporting on Israel for 60 Minutes.
Wallace: Mr. Vice President, really, sir... Biden: Now that I'm not running, I can appear on Fox. Let the cabinet members
The Williams' flurry is just the tip of a much greater scandal: the charade of the glamorous, all-seeing Super Anchor who ranges the planet in search of scandal, outrage and spectacle. It's a colossal fake, a travesty--put over on an audience that desperately wants to believe in the sham. But, hey folks--the Emperor has no clothes.
My last 60 Minutes segment, “Foreign Agent,” featured well-known former U.S. officials and presidential campaign aides from
I recall the number of times during my thirty years as a producer with 60 Minutes when I only narrowly missed being caught in the same kind of devastating, career-shattering trap as we saw this week.
While being careful not to speak for "everybody," Miami defensive end Cameron Wake told reporters that he didn't see anything