Mike White

As squirm comedies go, The D Train is a breed apart, a film that puts new spin on the bromance. 
It's been one year since we bid adieu to HBO's wonderful "Enlightened." Now is a better time than ever for Netflix to revive the short-lived dramedy.
Ten years after Dewey Finn and his fifth-graders stormed the Battle of the Bands competition, Jack Black and the much more
The HBO has given the critically-acclaimed comedy from Laura Dern and Mike White the axe after just two seasons. "Right now
The cost of an entire season of "Enlightened" is probably a fraction of the "Game of Thrones" catering budget. Would all the bad publicity after an "Enlightened" cancellation be worth the relatively paltry sum HBO would save?
There’s so much life beyond first runs for this stuff now. My feeling is that, knowing that it had some conclusion, people
The subject of personal growth is one I connect to, so it surprises me Enlightened hasn't appealed to a larger audience and that its future is uncertain.
The Season 2 finale for "Enlightened" arrives Sunday, March 3 and it may bring big changes for Amy (Laura Dern) and Tyler
Though he's understandably nervous about the future of his show, White is grateful that HBO brought the show back at all
An exclusive HuffPostTV clip from the Feb. 16 episode of HBO's Enlightened, featuring Laura Dern and Mike White.
"Enlightened's" must-see second season is one of the best stories I've experienced in a long time. And -- apropos for a show about a woman who wants to live a more vivid and connected life -- it is an experience.
“To date, I have refrained from advising anyone,” he wrote. “However, this election is different. In my opinion, this is
What Americans want is a president like George Washington. Mitt Romney, by contrast, has shown he's willing to win without honor. He doesn't seem to know Americans won't elect a candidate they believe lacks nobility.
Tom Bennington, a county GOP spokesman, said that the decision to take down the display was made after an objection from
HBO's new show "Enlightened" explores whether one can transition from a raging home-wrecker, to a Zen-seeking activist aspiring
Meet Devin & Glenn--two gents who met, fell in love, got married, and then had to deal with the consequences of that decision
At this very moment, reality TV is giving us two fully-developed examples of the "de-celebritized" celebrity, and the consequences are fascinating.