Rabbi Barry Freundel was arrested for spying on women as they bathed in the mikvah.
It'll take a minimum of one year.
(RNS) Converting to Judaism about a year ago, a transgender man in Washington, D.C., asked his rabbi a pointed question about
The discovery lends weight to what some archaeologists have long suspected: that a Jewish community existed in Jerusalem’s
Freundel has pleaded not guilty to all charges. His lawyer could not immediately be reached for comment. “Unfortunately, that
WASHINGTON (RNS) The Modern Orthodox synagogue that Rabbi Barry Freundel presided over for 25 years has fired him after he
Why is modesty so dearly preserved in some venues and so categorically denied in others?
Less traditional mikvahs allow people to immerse alone. In traditional mikvahs, a female attendant will give the woman as
“We need to reassure people,” she said. “We don’t need a security upgrade.” Like Weiss-Greenberg, Bornstein argues that a
Far from being "dirty," the woman's cycle is of the highest purity, for it reminds us that it is the cycles, changes, and opportunities of this physical life that define our greatest spirituality.
As I stood naked on the gold tiled floor, I flinched as the stranger picked stray, wet hairs off my bare back. When she pronounced
Mikveh is a ritual of transition and rebirth. We enter the mikveh -- which is reminiscent of the womb -- curl into a fetal position, immerse ourselves completely in the "living waters," and come out reborn.
Planning a marriage between an observant Jew and a devout Catholic is a delicious brew for controversy. Nonetheless, our interfaith wedding was only two weeks away and I wanted to do something spiritual to mark my upcoming marriage to the man that I loved.