Edward Kienholz: Five Car Stud, 1969-72 (detail). The installation Five Car Stud is a life-sized reproduction of a scene
This wasn't the only unexpected situation I had to face during the marathon. For instance, I found no living soul in the 24 hour supermarket, and a military parade in the most famous square of the city, piazza Duomo, right where I had planned to shoot people idly sitting on the churchyard.
The Karni Mata Temple near Bikaner is said to be home to over 20,000 rats and has some unusual beliefs attached to it.Ami
The sets and costumes are lovely -- especially Dulcinea's tutu in the dream sequence -- but there's something of an operatic
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons Luckily for you, you still have the rest of the night! Why not complete your evening with
"What's the name of this olive oil?" I ask a man in a suit promoting the brand. "L'Ottbratico," he says. "What does that
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The model turned perfumer Annick Goutal, a legend of the scent world, once wrote "perfume is the music of my dream." Perhaps there is no other art that brings us back to a place and time quite like the olfactory art and yet perfume isn't limited to memories alone.
Every five years, the world convenes an Expo: the 21st-century iteration of the world's fair that has become the planet's third largest international gathering (after the Olympics and Soccer's World Cup). The city of Milan opened the most recent edition this month.
There is a fashionista curiosity in every woman at every age. Unfortunately, most advertising and all of marketing for women's fashion cue their look books with youth in mind and size zero in bodies.