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During our recent interview, Jeffrey Biegel described a controlling force in Chopin's writing and how it informs tradition and performance.
Check out Dunham in "Mildred Piece" below: Once upon a time, Lena Dunham wasn't disrobing on national TV, winning Golden
Lena Dunham Was In 'Mildred Pierce'?!
Stranded in outer space, stranded in Serbia -- how much different can it be? Not much, says actor Guy Pearce, whose newest film, Lockout, opened Friday.
It's oddly intriguing that a lackluster show and a diluted dose of Ricky Gervais appeals to me greater than his shockmeister two prior appearances.
Hollywood is finally making an effort to give women and their stories the blockbuster treatment. In doing so, the film industry is hearkening back to what was once a strength of classic Hollywood: the blockbuster women's film.
Actresses often undergo drastic changes to physically morph into their movie characters. Some leading ladies like Michelle
Everyone might be talking about Guy Pearce's racy Emmy Acceptance speech, but here at HuffPost Parents, we were most affected
Co-Producer Jayne Baron Sherman said that even now 26 years after the play's first run, the issues involved are relevant
We all know adults can be evil, but in the modern era we are still under the impression that children are born good. Which
Guy first got noticed as a flamboyant drag queen in "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" and has been working
Todd Haynes has spent his filmmaking career working far outside the mainstream -- yet he seems surprised when a reporter refers to his new miniseries, HBO's Mildred Pierce, as surprisingly conventional for him.
Talking in January, Wood was asked if she had taken a drink before the scene, to deal with the nerves. "No, unfortunately
Our favorite sartorial part? Both looks are long-sleeved, perfect for the in-between (read: annoying) weather. Evan: Kate
I'd be serving you poorly if I just alerted you to to mark that date. Go back to the originals -- the James M. Cain novel and the film that won an Oscar for Joan Crawford in her first starring role -- and experience the real greatness of this story.
She's been a working actor for almost 30 years - having dropped out of Purchase College of the State University of New York
The Bolitar audiobooks are Twitter-talking, cheeky-sleuth mysteries at their best and require an often light, irreverent touch in narration.
Hope Davis is instantly recognizable to New Yorkers. As soon as we are in the elevator heading downstairs to the coffee shop, we are besieged by an immaculately dressed couple.
Salinger might be better off taking the view of James M. Cain, the author of several hot 1940s chart items. Cain, asked once how he felt about what Hollywood had done to his books, said, "Hollywood hasn't done anything to my books. There they all are, up on the shelf."