mile high club

For most people, even a routine flight offers the promise of joining the Mile High Club. But what about fascinating facts you can use to (maybe) woo your attractive seatmate (yeah, we know the best airlines for singles)?
Model Chrissy Teigen gave a little TMI to Cosmopolitan in the June issue, revealing that she and hubby John Legend once had
And another: Before you board the Love Cloud, however, there is one caveat: Johnson pleaded guilty to reckless operation
This nice cardboard cutout of a flight attendant would appreciate if you quit doing it on her plane. (Image via Andrew Currie
Meet Lovers Deep, a private luxury submarine in the Caribbean Sea "intended for couples who want to have a private night
There are some things that just don't belong on one's social media stream, and that includes things that would be "streaming" in the bathroom.
The vacation sex equation is simple: sense of freedom + exciting environment + exotic locals + sun/sea + feeling relaxed + mysterious new partner/uninhibited familiar partner + the privacy of hotel rooms + alcohol = great travel sex!
In the past, Skyscanner has also revealed that 95 percent of travelers wanted to be in the prestigious club, and a surprising
Airline reps tell the station that they offer as many as eight flights a day, for one hour at a time. The airline, started
Travel writer Rolf Potts declared the death of the Mile High Club back in 2007, pointing out the decades-long decline in airline allure and comparing the lavatory tryst to sex in a Walmart bathroom. But even with cut-backs, extra fees and cramped quarters, many believe love is still in the air.
In November, an off-duty Qantas pilot was scolded for being a little too familiar with a female passenger in first class
What do you think? Do you flirt on planes? Or have you, um, got it on in the bathroom? Check out our poll below. Who knew
LONDON - A BRITISH budget airline wants to organise weddings in the sky, aiming to be the first carrier to let couples tie
I've already raved about the prospect of relaxing in a posh first class on the new Airbus A380, but now Dubai-based Emirates