Dr. Kristen Lee, known as "Dr. Kris", is an award-winning behavioral science professor, clinician and author from Boston
Columnists tend to write about negative things. Especially in a world where going negative translates into more clicks. And
As a Millennial I love all that is social media: creating new real relationships, engaging in interesting content, discovering
Beyond keeping a hopeful demeanor, be sure to bring up your successes related to your major if or when applicable - yes, it's
There's hardly a week that goes by without a fresh perspective on how millennials are changing -- if not disrupting -- a legacy industry. From where I sit -- as founder of a fintech company that has a large and diverse following (not just millennials) -- there are at least three reasons for this.
Generation Alpha: TBD This cohort of individuals are those born between the years of 2010 and 2025, meaning the oldest of
Most of us are looking for the same thing. We are just like books, waiting for someone to take their time to read and understand us.
5. When I got my first flat tire. I remember exactly when it happened: January 2016. I opened my laptop and logged into my
As many have pointed out, it is interesting indeed that the "oldest" candidate is having the most success activating the youngest voters. This is as it should be. For too long, the generations in this country have existed in separate cultural silos.