3. Do the math. Mental illness isn't simply a result of thin skin, but a complex interplay of what's known as biopsychosocial
Columnists tend to write about negative things. Especially in a world where going negative translates into more clicks. And
Asia: Nikola Tesla - I'd like to show him what his contributions made towards our present technology, and ask him to discover
When the time comes to have a seat at the table, these ideas might fly over your head. You may want to just enter petty territory
There's hardly a week that goes by without a fresh perspective on how millennials are changing -- if not disrupting -- a legacy industry. From where I sit -- as founder of a fintech company that has a large and diverse following (not just millennials) -- there are at least three reasons for this.
Since investing behaviors are primarily driven by what people know and are interested in, it's essential to better understand
5. When I got my first flat tire. 2. When "interest" was explained to me.  Most people have probably experienced this much
As many have pointed out, it is interesting indeed that the "oldest" candidate is having the most success activating the youngest voters. This is as it should be. For too long, the generations in this country have existed in separate cultural silos.
Snapchat's fans, us included, love it because it obeys no known rules. Actually, it checks almost every possible item on
We all experience some form of adversity throughout our lives. It is important to be mindful of that fact in our everyday interactions with others. With mindfulness you're able to acknowledge that the idea of 'otherness' doesn't really exist.
Americans, both new and old, are faced with a challenge. We must make a common culture that mirrors our new America -- an America where "us" is no longer "white" by default, where the population has never been more diverse, where our role in the world is shifting rapidly.
If you -- or someone you know -- need help, please call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. If you
It's an environment where you can be whatever you want to be; an imaginary world where your mind can run free. Today it refers
Leading this new trend is someone who many years ago would have seemed an unlikely candidate. Enter chef JR Robinson.
When students open their minds to pursue their passions, they will discover the very best version of themselves, and learn what living really means.
I decided to take part in a hackathon recently to see what was causing all the buzz in the business world. I also developed a primer for hackathon neophytes, along with reasons why you should give this latest problem-solving methodology a try.
With opinions surrounding Katrina as widely colored and as deeply layered as our king cakes during carnival season, I did my best not to go into the interview series with a predetermined angle or scope for fear of skewing the story through confirmation bias.
After suffering through too many inauthentic portrayals of both Latinas and the Magic City on screen, I decided to do something about it. Because I'll be DAMNED if another feisty Cuban girl in the 305 is growing up resenting her heritage, too.
As the founder of a digital dating consultancy, I know that relationship development really begins when you meet offline. To create meaningful connections, you need to put the phone down. Face-to-face is the new FaceTime. But even for me, saying hello at a networking event isn't always easy.