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Dana Nachman's touching, funny nonfiction film, Batkid Begins, is sheer delight. Instead of something maudlin and manipulative, Nachman has assembled what may be the year's most joyous and surprising movie. 
Julia Roberts is making a feature film about Batkid. Submarine Entertainment announced Friday that the star had secured the
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Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter Our favorite superhero, "Batkid," is back, this time in a moving new trailer. Miles
"Spider-Man" star Andrew Garfield allegedly became a real-life bad guy when he ditched an Oscars segment with a leukemia-stricken 5-year-old boy, according to the New York Post.
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Philanthropists and long-time Make-A-Wish Foundation supporters John and Marcia Goldman have given San Francisco a check
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In late November, he made his way to New York, where he rescued rapper Pitbull from the Joker on the set of Good Morning
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Watch below, as Batkid returns to San Francisco for the Make-A-Wish fundraiser. "[He's] drawn a lot of attention to this
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For Miles, it was a great day. For those of us in its midst it was a necessity. We needed to know it could happen. We needed to know that the possibility of making it and other impossible dreams happen is within our grasp. It was a journey that rescued us from cynicism and took us into a community of hope.
I'm not exactly sure when Miles saw Batman for the first time, but the Caped Crusader's message resonated with this young boy so much that when asked by the Make-A-Wish Foundation what his wish would be, it was simple: "I want to be Batman."
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Breaking News from ABC | Thanksgiving Recipes But New Yorkers had no need for fear, because Miles Scott, AKA 'Batkid,' hopped
When thousands of volunteers came together in San Francisco to realize -- literally -- the dream of five-year-old leukemia survivor and "Batkid" Miles Scott, it sent a ripple of joy around the world that made us all smile. Or at least it should have.
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Miles has since returned from his adventures to his home in Tulelake, Calif., but he'll never really stop being a superhero
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And even though we love him when he's all dressed up as the crime-fighting Batkid, we're even more inspired by the video
As for those celebrity tweeters, the newest Batman star, Affleck, was one of them, taking to the social media platform to
President Barack Obama had a message for #SFBatKid Friday, adding more cheer to the dream day for 5-year-old Miles Scott