Miles Taylor

Miles Taylor, a former DHS chief of staff, made the stunning disclosure on CNN amid renewed tensions over border policy.
Miles Taylor says the Republican Party can't be saved.
Trump was so "mind-numbingly incompetent" that he waved documents around for everyone to see, an incredulous former Homeland Security official revealed.
Miles Taylor, who worked in Homeland Security under Donald Trump, fears the worst if Republicans retake the House of Representatives.
Miles Taylor also warns of what could happen if Republicans retake the House.
"The Late Show" host mocked an "unforced error" the president made at a campaign rally.
Miles Taylor has been identified as the author of a notorious anonymous op-ed in The New York Times in 2018 that claimed they were part of a secret “resistance” inside the Trump administration.
“In his words, Puerto Rico was dirty and the people were poor.” A former top Department of Homeland Security staffer said President Donald Trump asked if the U.S. could swap the island for Greenland.