military cuts

In the new era of austerity we face, it is imperative that the critical role of the Reserves and National Guard be understood and appreciated.
To be fair, the Air Force did request some C-130s. Thanks to Senator McCain, the Government Accountability Office did a study of how many more C-130s the Air Force requested between 1978 and 1998. The answer: Five. How many did Congress add on? 256.
The best way to ensure veteran employment, to keep veterans out of poverty, to reduce veteran crime, help veterans maintain their sense of self-worth and stem the rising number of veteran suicides is through education.
The sequester, and all the sequential sequesters over the next decade, deprive Democrats of the resources that they need to be, well, Democrats. Obama can proclaim big, bold initiatives as he did in the State of the Union Address, but they are all mere gestures -- because there is no money to spend on any of them, thanks to the bipartisan obsession with budget cutting. Even worse, Democrats end up colluding in eviscerating very popular and necessary signature programs like Medicare and Social Security, which literally define the core differences between the two parties. So by 2016, and even by 2014, nobody will much remember who was more at fault in the sequester battle of early 2013. The voters will be looking at their own economic situation, and it won't be pretty.
Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) is also confident a deal will be made. As a member of the Senate Budget Committee he said Congress
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to cut domestic spending in order to increase military spending. Regardless of whatever else may be true, their plans to cut domestic spending in order to increase military spending would cost hundreds of thousands of American jobs.
Rep. Howard P. “Buck” McKeon (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, called on Democratic leadership
In addition, the Pentagon would: - Retire seven Navy cruisers and two smaller amphibious ships early, postpone the purchase
The U.S. Coast Guard is in trouble due to a perfect storm of post-9/11 security responsibilities, budget cuts, mismanagement and an aging fleet.
Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts said "there are savings to be had in the military. The all-volunteer Army seems
Defense Secretary Robert Gates is expected to announce as early as Thursday about $100 billion in savings for the Pentagon