military draft

A "men's rights" group argues the Military Selective Service Act violates the equal-protection clause in the Constitution.
It had bipartisan support, but some Republicans just didn't like the idea of sending daughters into war.
Look at that, Republicans and Democrats actually agree on this one.
Ali's personal pursuit of fair treatment under the law began about two years before mine. With the Vietnam War raging and young men subject to a mandatory military draft, Ali and I both sought official designation as conscientious objectors to war and killing.
While the overwhelming majority of public remembrances will be praiseworthy, there are still those who have never forgiven Ali for his refusal to comply with the military draft in the 1960s.
Following Sec. Carter's historic decision, the Joint Chiefs of Staff voiced their support for including women in the Select
This week, Republican leaders in the House of Representatives quashed a proposed measure that would have required American women between the ages of 18 and 25 to register for the draft, even though both the House and Senate Armed Services committees' endorsed the idea.
Defense experts say we could -- and should -- register mid-career experts.
America's one-party system on foreign policy and war comes with consequences. Don't discount the reality of a military draft with either Trump or Clinton, especially with low Army recruiting numbers. Only Bernie Sanders opposes perpetual quagmires in the name of defeating terror.
I do not believe in war, but neither do I believe we are done with it. What I know for certain is that no future conflict should be started by leaders who do not have the courage to be honest about why it is necessary and to engage the entire nation in the effort.