Military History

KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin had often said that the fall of the Soviet Union was the worst geopolitical disaster of the 20th
Medieval castles began their decline after gunpowder was invented and cannonball and other projectiles breached walls. (Technology
In his NPR interview, Bolden said, "He told me, no way are you going to get an appointment from me to go to the Naval Academy
Foreword Reviews named Michael Putzel's book, The Price They Paid: Enduring Wounds of War, a finalist for Indiefab Book of
Her story is so astonishing, I am chagrined to have missed it this long. Nor am I alone.
Robert Howard II was four years old when an American commander in Vietnam wrote him a letter telling him his father had died bravely in battle. The boy's father had been a hometown sports hero, and the son grew up trying to emulate a man he never really knew.
The Tennesseans: A Volunteer Legacy will premiere July 4 and 5 on the state's public television stations. The hour-long film is the first to highlight the events, men and women that earned the state its nickname from the Revolutionary War Battle of Kings Mountain to the modern battlefields of today.
Writing a book is not like journalism. For one thing, it takes longer. Sometimes a lot longer. In a four-decade career in news, I wrote on tight deadlines, often under pressure, and with no excuses for a story that didn't get done on time.
Many Americans travel to historic battlefields, most typically sites in which we have a direct emotional stake: places where U.S. soldiers fought at home or abroad and where a piece of our history was made.
Sending the military to war should only be done in the most dire cases of national security. Military restraint was the founders' vision, but we have drifted far from it into a militaristic society in constant war.
It was time for me to tell my son the story behind the little red poppies. I turned off the soccer match and explained to my son why the poppy has long been associated with the Armistice and honoring veterans.
"The majority of Civil War swords have no documentation," Blankenship said. "Lt. Coe's sword is indeed a very important Civil
The Overland campaign was one of the most decisive campaigns in American history on the 150th anniversary.
Researchers at the University of Hawaii and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have discovered a
Visiting both the Jewish Museum and Army Museum in Vienna in a day, I realized that the role of Jewish officers is a much neglected subject in Central European history books and that the military careers of prominent Jewish intellectuals in the old imperial army deserve attention.
My husband is an Army physician deployed to a military field hospital in the Afghani desert. With satellites providing Internet, we really are afforded half a dozen different means of correspondence. It's vastly different from days gone by when loved ones put pen to paper.
As we approach Memorial Day, most Americans are conscious of honoring those who have served in the military, so nearly all of us could name the three largest branches -- the Army, the Air Force, and the Navy. Very few, however, would think to include the Merchant Marine.
That always seems to be the justification for any government promotion of a religious practice, both in the military and elsewhere: It's "tradition" -- and tradition trumps constitutionality. But how traditional are practices like this religious flag folding ceremony? Well, often not very.
Why does it seem like the largest investments in white elephant technology are made by the military? Is it because they have the biggest budgets? The most exotic needs? Or an inability to learn from past mistakes? Take the XF-85 Goblin.
You can't teach about the Revolution without mentioning the role of Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben. However, the one fact that seems to be left out during lectures is that von Steuben was known to "have affections to members of his own sex."