military justice

Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher will return to court Wednesday where jurors will decide whether he should serve jail time for posing with an Islamic State captive's corpse.
“Flynn could commit murder today, and be convicted ... and still retain his retired general status with pension,” one expert said.
Senator McCain has single-handedly created the appearance that the Bergdahl's military tribunal will be biased against him
Repeal alone does not right the injustices suffered by thousands.
The United States Air Force declares its core values as "Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence in All We Do." However, the treatment and trial of Air Force 1st Lt. Joshua Seefried is an affront to those values.
This is where it gets political. The Investigation Officer's recommendation goes to the "convening authority", in this case
The top military commanders in the Pentagon have argued that reforming the military justice system as proposed would undermine good order and discipline. This is exactly the same argument that was originally made to oppose ending "don't ask don't tell."
The insufficiency of this catch phrase as justification for opposing policy changes on issues of critical importance to our nation sound eerily familiar to those of us involved in previous efforts to change military policies.
By removing the power of the "convening authority" from commanding generals any appearance of impropriety on the part of a commander is eliminated. Claims of undue command influence in the legal system would stop.
Franklin had overturned the conviction of Lt. Col. James Wilkerson, who in November was found guilty by courts martial of
Hagel noted in his memo that the credibility of the military justice system is critical to addressing the epidemic of military
Like the checks and balances that are currently in place for civilians, all we are asking for is the same. While civilians have various routes of redress to get justice for the crime perpetrated against them, service members are too often dependent on one person's individual discretion.
The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that 22-33 percent of female service members are assaulted while in the service. We need our elected leaders to take action in 2013 to fix our broken system of military justice.
Private Danny Chen was found dead in 2011 in a guard tower after weeks of physical abuse and unrelenting racial taunts by superiors. Can military courts deliver justice to a subordinate hazed by his superiors?
By the time Marine Staff Sgt. Jamie Walton went to trial on rape charges, his accuser had changed her story several times
Equal parts lit crit, biography, linguistic anthropology and social history, Rimbaud in Java: The Lost Voyage examines the remaining mysteries about Arthur Rimbaud as a fugitive from justice.