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Across the country, binders and backpacks are replacing swimsuits and sunscreen. Fleets of yellow school buses are back on the roads, and more than 50 million children are returning to the classroom.
There is still work to be done to ensure military kids have the tools they need to thrive. They represent the future of any family, and their success and empowerment matters as much as the success and empowerment of their military parents. That's why any sign of improvement in how families cope with the deployment of a loved one is significant - and worth replicating.
Many military families take advantage of all of the moving to see and experience amazing people, sites, and opportunities
By now, kids are back into the swing of school, reestablishing seats in the cafeteria, slipping prohibited gum paraphernalia into their pockets, and whispering in the hallways about the latest crushes. But not every kid is skipping off the bus each day.
More than one million school-aged children currently have parents in the military.
After more than a decade of living with the separations and uncertainties endemic to military life, many children from military families are paying the emotional and psychological costs.
Tink, in turn, was intrigued with Henry; his handsome good looks, his quiet but strong demeanor, and the ease with which
I moved seven times within 18 years, dealing with the struggles of various schools and relationships. That is why I understand the value of a military child's situation.
When will Congress stop ignoring the education of the children of military families who have sacrificed so much since the war on terror began?
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Using data from more than 300,000 children who had at least one active-duty U.S. Army parent between 2003 and 2006, researchers
Over the next year, I will work to expand the career and educational opportunities for our military spouses, so that they can pursue what they are passionate about.
KAAL reports that Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Southeast Minnesota, a military support group, volunteered to help Operation Hug
The specific challenges for our military families may not be clear to many Americans. This will soon change. First Lady Michelle Obama's initiative will highlight the struggles military children face.
"The last night of the conference we had an Open Mic, and every girl stood up and spoke about their own experiences," Moranda
The Department of Defense found that children at different stages of development are affected in different ways. Teenagers
Nothing worries my husband and me more about these seemingly unending wars than the impact they are having on our kids. I knowingly married a solder. But the kids didn't ask for this.