military mental health

CHICAGO (AP) -- War-time suicide attempts in the Army are most common in newer enlisted soldiers who have not been deployed
"With the continued deployment of our soldiers to face complex threats around the world, these results are a critical addition
Some might think that the most effective way to assist military refugees is by donating money. David Wallis, contributing
"If you look at the demographic for which the population pool that the military recruits from, especially on the enlisted
Mark Tyree was chasing death. The 25-year-old Marine veteran drank heavily and drove fast — often at the same time. Tyree
These men and women deserve treatment now when they need it. It is available if the government and medical professions commit to smartly managing the risk and benefit of promising treatments.
How do we fix something that is broken beyond our control? On the other hand, doing nothing is no longer an option. One of my favorite sayings is, "politics it too important to leave to the politicians."
Thousands of online fans had come to see Dorner as their "Dark Knight" fighting evil -- although many disavowed murder as
These days, we talk incessantly about living well and achieving life balance, yet we wear masks to hide our pain. No matter who you are, true wellness can never be achieved behind these and without facing our pain and stressors.
Our society continues to struggle to understand the factors that lead service members and veterans to choose to end their lives, as we search for successful programs and effective interventions.