military moms

Photographer Tara Ruby says she hopes the picture will show that military moms “can be amazing mothers and soldiers at the same time.”
On paper, I had a partner in parenting. In practice, however, I was parenting alone, and it wasn't easy. Indeed, that year gave me greater appreciation for what real single parents must go through every day.
I was proud to work to require insurance plans under the ACA to cover services vital to new mothers, which include access to breast pumps, as well as lactation support and counseling. Unfortunately, TRICARE, the health insurance provided to members of the military and their families, does not cover some of these same critical services.
Last Tuesday, Kambria Foster's average school day suddenly transformed into something extraordinary. WATCH more of the homecoming
Even if Daddy isn't here to help you pick out a gift, or even if you feel bad if your teacher didn't let you make a card for me, it's going to be okay. There are better things you can give me.
Whatever kind of mom you are or mother you had, chances are, you've been affected by the love and encouragement of a special "mom" in your life.
During the last two years, I have had the privilege of making many new military mom friends. I have been so inspired by these incredible women -- their flexibility, their bravery, their loyalty, their commitment and their toughness.
Team Ken is the group of people who meet every Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery to honor the life of 1st Lieutenant Kenneth Ballard, who was killed in action May 30, 2004 in Najaf, Iraq at the age of 26.
Mother's Day was started in opposition to war and to denounce the death and destruction brought by war. In honor to this
The moms of married soldiers are often overlooked; even the media forgets to tell the stories of the thousands of mothers concerned about their deployed children.
Nothing worries my husband and me more about these seemingly unending wars than the impact they are having on our kids. I knowingly married a solder. But the kids didn't ask for this.