military sequestration

A pair of House Republicans have a new bill that would spare the military from sequestration by cutting the Social Security benefits of many Americans who already experience painful federal budget cuts.
"Washington has a spending problem, but incessantly and mindlessly cutting national security will not get us out of our fiscal
"Readiness cuts aren't always visible, but these cuts are having and will continue to have very damaging effects," he said
To implement the steep and abrupt reductions that have been required under sequestration, we've had to make very difficult
"In conversations in the United States and overseas, the consequences of sequestration have been a topic of major concern
DiGiovanni told the lieutenant governors they also should prepare for overseas military cuts, which will shift more activity
"We will become less safe," Dempsey told NBC's "Meet the Press." "The American people are on our side," Reid said. "The American