military tuition assistance

With a little over two years left, the company is about halfway there -- with 5,500 veterans and military spouses now employed by the coffee chain. Starbucks says hiring vets has been a learning process, and hiring managers have gotten more adept at finding vets in the talent pool.
"Based on the legislation that just passed, tuition assistance is to be reinstated across the services," Pentagon spokesman
"By passing a continuing resolution that reinstates tuition assistance, Congress showed that they clearly understand the
Van Buskirk has said in the past that 45,000 sailors receive tuition aid annually at a cost of about $84 million. While the
The Army, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marines have all announced an end to their Tuition Assistance programs due to sequestration
"Let me be clear: We are here because of sequestration on tuition assistance," he said. "If sequestration were averted, we
The Air Force, Army, Coast Guard and Marines have all suspended their Tuition Assistance (TA) programs, which provide service
The TA programs are incredibly popular. In fiscal year 2012, for example, 201,000 soldiers took advantage of the Army's TA