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[Read about one veteran's struggle with PTSD.] Counseling can also help student vets understand and tolerate their younger
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Steve Robinson was a veterans advocate in Washington, D.C., working tirelessly for years, speaking out for those who had no voice, pushing on the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs to do more and do better.
Public Service Loan Forgiveness  Active-duty members serving full-time can have any remaining balance on their direct loans
In January, the Pentagon announced plans to recruit 4,000 more cyber personnel for what former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has called "the battlefield of the future." "Our most important investment is in skilled cyber warriors needed to conduct operations in cyberspace," Panetta said in a speech last fall.
Today, Jorge works as a systems administrator for the Army at Fort Dix, but said he wants to use his computer abilities to
"Degrees, certificates of completion, certifications, licensing—that to me is how you measure," U.S. Secretary of Veterans
The problem has continually popped up in North Carolina, which ranks seventh in state expenditures on veterans' education
It is vital that we focus on helping veterans find jobs and work with employers to identify qualified candidates so they can continue to fully contribute at home as they did during their military service.
Working for the last 16 months specifically with veterans and military families, what I learned was that we are not alone in our need for the outdoors and prescriptions of wilderness to deal with the everyday stresses and struggles of life.