military women

How the U.S. military restricts servicewomen from accessing abortion on military bases is a discriminatory scandal.
"If your objective is true and pure equality, then you have to look at all aspects."
I am so proud of CPT Kristen Griest and 1LT Shaye Haver, and am excited to watch their career progress. Though, to be honest, I am also a bit jealous. They were afforded an opportunity, gave it their all, and succeeded. It is not a complicated concept. Opportunity + preparation = success.
What an incredible achievement! Against the backdrop of some of the anti-woman rhetoric of the campaign trail, two women are making history. This is a moment to be celebrated and cheered (albeit not completely).
"If there were any remaining questions about whether women could serve as combat leaders, those questions have been answered."
Women need to encourage, mentor and challenge other women. Despite what hardships they may have experienced in their own careers, women should pull other women up with them, rather than paying the hardship forward.
Over 2.5 million women have slicked back their hair and donned a uniform for this country. They have honorably served, often making numerous personal sacrifices for the red, white, and blue. This film is a snapshot into what hopefully is a larger conversation about the many sheros amongst us today.
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Because Latina women in military uniforms are rarely seen in news stories, because the average American doesn't think of a Latina servicewoman when he/she hears the word "military veteran," I wrote this piece to shine the light on several who have served with distinction and those who have died while serving.
The best thing is to recognize it, not ignore it and confront it gracefully. I believe the best way to do that is by pushing forward to accomplish your personal goals in spite of these backward-looking opinions. And there's one more thing we can do... apply an effective anecdote.
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Women veterans need the opportunity to talk and socialize with other veterans who can understand and relate to their own experiences. Imagine the impact if each one of us would take the challenge of paying it forward to a fellow woman veteran transitioning.
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