Recent arrests in a Minnesota mosque bombing highlight the threat of America's armed anti-Muslim militias.
The Obama administration has quietly voiced warnings that its putative deal with the Russian government is at a breaking
"The people of Fallujah are dying a slow death," says the city's exiled mayor.
In the past, struggles for dominance and strategy between U.S. intelligence and the Pentagon played out within the confines of the Beltway, in cocktail parties and congressional hearings and high-level, closed-door meetings. Not anymore.
Welcome to the Long Bottom Tri-County Regional Riparian Refuge! If you're reading this, it means you've disregarded the "Restricted
Supporters of the self-styled "militia" occupying buildings at a high desert wildlife preserve in Oregon have taken great umbrage at the group being called "terrorists." Their objection rests largely on the claim that these people have not destroyed property or hurt anyone.
The democratization process in Burma remains very much a work-in-progress, with parliamentary elections slated for next year and the country continuing to adjust to the growing pains associated with opening its economy to the rest of the world.
Seriously, what part of the law permits heavily armed civilians to militarily deploy along a 2,000 mile front with high-powered rifles (and lord knows what else) aimed at families and children?
Does the right get a free pass to ignore laws? Is armed intimidation the way we decide which laws should be followed? Is conservative media whipping up the conditions for another Oklahoma City bombing? These questions are popping up with more and more frequency in light of recent events.
In the days since the showdown, right-wing websites have begun searching for other Bundys. Several conservative and survivalist
Multiple excuses have been offered for the difficulty of enacting gun control legislation, but the most obvious problem has not been mentioned: the U.S. contains millions of Republican anarchists.
Patriot groups -- those dedicated to federal government overthrow in the belief it will confiscate weapons and impose socialism
The fact is that the NYPD's frank admission makes the case for gun control even stronger. What happened in New York City is an example of the mayhem that ensues when guns are used in any situation.
The real freedom we need is the freedom to be able to walk around without the fear of our fellow citizens shooting us by design or accident.
If we are going to take aim at anything, then let it be at America's unhealthy obsession with guns and at the empty arguments against gun control, not at common sense.
Unlike some Americans who almost as predictable as the massacres themselves offer only two extreme solutions -- arm every American or ban every gun -- I am left once again only with questions.
The number of radical hate groups and militias has exploded in recent years in reaction to the changing makeup of America
2012-03-08-Screenshot20120308at10.15.01AM.pngThe number of domestic hate and extremist groups in the United States grew to record levels in 2011, led by a surge in anti-government radicalism.