I'd like to write to you about my lungs. I teach acting, and when I do, I use my voice a lot. Growing up, I didn't learn to breathe deeply. And now I have to.
Millennials were raised to believe that America was beyond the incitement of needless hatred, and that the world's leaderships were increasingly less likely to prescribe violence as a remedy to frustration.
Instead of looking like a failure, a quitter or a bum for not going to college right away, Americans who take a year to travel should be viewed as strategic, ambitious and inspiring.
We are not observing the advance army of the destruction of the American democratic republic, as some seem to worry. We are hearing the death rattle of a shrinking group (and some of their offspring and political bedfellows) of resentful, mostly white citizens who have been simmering for decades over sex, drugs, rock and roll, civil rights, feminism, gay rights and/or any number of other changes that created discomfort for them.
As a Latina, a teacher and a millennial, I am tired of hearing Trump say he has the Latino vote. I'm tired and offended. "Latinos love me," he repeatedly claims. Is that a joke? I don't love you. Many of us don't love you.
If you're a Millennial - that is, someone born between the years 1981 and 2000 - this imagined future probably doesn't seem far-fetched at all, as 73 percent of this generation would be more excited by a financial services offering from one of those five companies than from their own nationwide bank.
My reputation of producing quality work without doubt should be my justification that my work is valued by my employer. Having colleagues respect your work ethic and performance is something that is earned, not just assumed.
All of a sudden, the ingrained mantra of "study hard, get a good job, save money" is no longer acceptable. And yet, I have to be progressive enough to recognize that the current education system is unable to prepare my daughter for a life we can only predict. With literacy and numeracy remaining as the fundamental basis of their schooling years, I am by no means convinced it is adequate.
One of the most important aspects of a long distance relationship? Understanding your own needs and wants while simultaneously catering to your partner's. It's a balancing act, and a precarious one at that, but it is worth the work if you find "your person."