Working for Schools for Sustainability is essentially channeling your passions to good use with a team of progressive and talented individuals. This dynamic environment is exhilarating. We never stop learning and we never stop growing.
The Gagnons on the road. Photo courtesy Chris and Jon Gagnon. "We wouldn't have made it in 45 days if we didn't have [Chris
The Harlem Renaissance period is an era that I wish that I could somehow experience in my life. The allure of it. The thought that if I was a black male and educated in a variety of things that I would be considered a "Renaissance Man."
I ask you: What inspires you to do the work that you do? and what is your vision for Los Angeles? Chris Temblador remembers
Our journey began in March 2013 with the creation of Project Impact, an arts-based leadership workshop for teen trafficking survivors. We spent three months working with the 15-18 year-old residents of JCCA's Gateways
Since Friday, at least six counties in Utah have opened their doors, and held late hours to accommodate the long lines of couples seeking marriage certificates.
A door swung open for us. He said that public service was an honorable profession, that politics was not just a game for hacks and cronies, but a way to change the world. America suddenly became an exciting place in which to be young.
So I started to read books. To me, books held all the answers to my biggest questions. Why is the sun so important? What causes the seasonal changes? Why does the sun rise in the East and fall in the West?
Knowing how your customers purchase your product is important. Understanding why they do is critical. Does your company, product, service, or brand have what it takes? Just ask the kids these days.
There is a critical need to incorporate the fundamentals of civic and community engagement into K-12 education. Students should possess the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle the problems and to work with others to produce real, lasting societal change.