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Although these are some of the best times of your life, they are also some of the hardest. It's hard trying to figure out who you are, and how you're going to pay rent in the same thought. We all know the feelings, and we can all admit that the struggle is real in your early twenties.
The best kept secret about millennials is that it is easy to manage them in the work place. You just have to be their coach and not their manager. And frankly, most Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers would prefer to be coached than managed too!
Millennial writers are seeking what writers have always been in search of: comfort and connection, reasons for existence and answers to the unanswerable. They will keep reading and writing and they will keep improving, and inexorably, they will become old writers and readers--and, hopefully, will urge on the generation that comes next.
The point isn't to complain about the lazy millennials quitting their jobs left and right. Rather, the question to ask here is "why?" Why are we so dissatisfied?
In our fast-moving society that relies on technology and Tinder to get by, it's become clear that there are two kinds of millennials: Those who've made a five-year plan and are sticking to it and those who have absolutely no idea what they're doing.
If you're a retailer and you target Millennials, it's time to take note. This new Facebook feature could be a game changer.
Don't be that girl who wants to change the guy. Run from the guy that you would want to change. There are very few things that a deep breath and a glass of red wine can't fix.
Perfectly reasonable humans turn into walking rom-com tropes when it comes to the future of their relationships.
Millennials like to feel like they belong. They like to feel like they are needed, especially in the work place. This doesn't mean that they are needy and dependent. This means that they like their work or relationships to be meaningful.
While the level of danger has waned over the past three decades, the threat of HIV still remains. Unlike the generations first affected by the virus, the millennial age is now armed a wealth of information and a variety of prevention tools to change the course of HIV for good.
What happens when a generation said to be far less conspicuous in its consumption confronts human nature? The personal growth and fulfillment at the top Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs occupies the floor just above esteem -- defined by status, achievement and reputation.
To bring about any social change, hearts and minds have to be set on fire with a vision offered through great storytelling. Luckily, digital media platforms offer each Average Joe a megaphone to launch his voice to unimaginable horizons.
Although a women's college is not for everyone, I simply can't accept the myth that women's colleges are no longer relevant or that young girls are not interested in attending one.
Whereas Jay Z the rapper, the God emcee, is borne of braggadocio and boundless confidence; Jay Z the public figure is far more measured. So why do we hear more about Blue Ivy and Jay's controversial trip to Cuba than we do about his philanthropic efforts? To a degree, it is by design.
I was furious, and I couldn't quite articulate exactly what had set me off. The patently false notion that everything used to be great all the time? The persistence of American exceptionalism? The accusation that I, at 22, am part of the worst generation ever?
A recent study by the Urban Institute shows the net worth of today's 30-somethings is down 21 percent from what 30-somethings enjoyed in 1983. Why do younger generations today have difficulty building wealth and how can they reverse this trend?
But those graduates are still paying for that college degree, and their debt could also be holding back the economy. The
An Apartment Guide spokesperson told that the rankings were based on factors other than rental rates in urban
Like its counterparts of the synagogue and the halakha, the Passover meal observed today may not be so traditional. It is now steeped in a different tradition -- doctrine is out, and family is in.