Millennials were economically fragile before the recession.
In either case, tell your boss about your career goals, and work together to come up with a career development plan. Include
The Real Question About Millennials The bottom line is you cannot characterize millennials by four factors to determine an
A 24-year-old graduate with overtime exceeding 130 hours at one point at Japan's biggest advertising agency committed suicide
Dill grew up with nothing, and people didn't expect much from him. In his early teens he was placed in a lockdown facility
They struggled to attract top talent. Turnover was high. New salespeople only stayed about 18 months before leaving. Morale
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Millennials are immune to traditional advertising. They can see right through it, so you need to get creative to get on their
One thing is consistent though. All industries understand the need to develop talent, they just might not fully understand
I think social media is really acting like a metal detector in this situation. Self-centeredness was there the whole time