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Millennials are doing lots right in the job hunt. We're picky, purpose-driven and willing to take risks. But we also frequently make avoidable mistakes that waste our time and sabotage our career prospects. Here are four.
Many of our friends, parents of 20-somethings, have pronounced their progeny as selfish and entitled. Criticism of the millennials has also been echoed in a number of disparaging articles and blogs, pointing out their lack of professionalism in the workplace and extremely high turnover rates.
For those who took the path most traveled which led them to a college degree that's offered them nothing more than debt and a smile from mom and dad, it's not too late for you. You can change things. You can put your life back on track. It's not over.
Memo to 20-somethings: You might be waiting a long time. A large share of young people are starting their careers in a field
Beyond corporate visibility, the young generation isn't immune to a U.S. economy that's still recovering from a recession
The class of 2013 will enter an improved economy and is expected to earn more through its first year in the workforce than its counterparts in the class of 2012, United Press International reports.
The journal notes that graduates who major in the humanities or social sciences saw a modest 1.9 percent pay bump, and the
The Journal cites a National Bureau of Economic Research paper released Monday that suggests American businesses need fewer
The loss in income means that young people are more likely to live with their parents and postpone buying a home and having