millennial women

To shave or not to shave? Millennial women have a complicated relationship with body hair.
"How can Captain Marvel take place in the '90s when she clearly got the Cosmo-Tai at Drybar?"
As a millennial woman, I'm often met with skepticism or condescension about my career choice. But the doubters are wrong.
Plus: What Bolsonaro's presidency could mean for women and the LGBTQ community in Brazil.
Powerful men say women wish they were having more babies. If you actually listen to women, you'll find it's more complicated.
We look at the white picket fence homes that we are supposed to settle down into and only see limitations.
I've seen the poorly composed dick pics.
Dads, our role includes advocating for our daughters at all stages of their lives.
Before "Girl Power" was a hashtag, Hillary fought the unpopular fight and defended women here at home and around the world. She dared to demand that women's rights be seen as human rights. That thrills and inspires the hell out of me.
Women should support each other but never take away the right for another woman to vote for someone that has a different gender or opinion than us.