"I’ve transitioned to ‘haha’ instead of ‘lol’ because I read that 'lol' is millennial-coded."
An intergenerational living arrangement that isn't like some funny '90s sitcom.
A poll found that 73% of millennials feel they are doing a better job than their own parents did.
"It's my biggest beef with Gen Z."
"They create a false sense of warmth, and niceness, and a put-yourself-at-ease type of vibe, and if you fall for it, they'll literally stab you in the back when you'll least expect it."
"Whaaaat?!.. What are we supposed to be doing?! Help! I had no idea."
"I stood outside MTV’s TRL with signs, covered *NSYNC for Teen People magazine, and met 98 Degrees when they signed CDs at a local mall."
"One of my students said this the other day and asked if I knew what it meant. I had to explain to her that my generation invented it."
Boomers, Gen X, millennials, Gen Z and Gen Alpha aren’t real, but do you know what is? Racism, sexism and income inequality.
"For our generation, it can sometimes feel like the dream we were sold as children was taken from us."