Millennium Development Goals

By 2015, the proportion of the world’s population living in extreme poverty had dropped to 14% from 50% in 1990, according
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), globally, maternal deaths declined from more than 500,000 in 1990 to about
Give us information and supplies, and trust us with our own bodies, says international youth delegation. From as far away
They struggled to attract top talent. Turnover was high. New salespeople only stayed about 18 months before leaving. Morale
Views on the success of the conference varied among Habitat III's 36,000 participants. This was perhaps inevitable given
This article first appeared as an E-Note of the Foreign Policy Research Institute. Some perspective on these responses emerges
In my last post, I discussed the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and why they matter. In this post, I want to focus more on how the agenda applies to the USA.
Achieving sustainable development requires tradeoffs As the discussion above indicates, a sustainable development agenda
Should we be celebrating success on World Hunger Day? Official hunger reduction goals were again eased when the base year
This is a pivotal year for global health. After the United Nations (UN) wrapped its ambitious 15-year effort to realize its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), those focused on global health are rightly encouraged by its headline wins.
In the broadest sense, conscientious people have a knack for avoiding behaviors that will damage their long-term happiness and success. Here are seven things they don't do:
Remember, working hard is a trait, not an identity. Believe me, in a world where people feel unloved or uncared for, it's easy to put faith in our plans. So take a walk, listen to a friend or nap. You're a five-star.
So what is a Millennial? And, what is all the fuss about? It seems as though every article written about the future of the workforce involves some discussion about Millennials. You can't discuss social media, TV viewing habits or the state of the workforce without an in-depth analysis of this group. Can one group really command this much attention? The answer is a resounding yes. So again, who are they?
So, for everyone, the new interconnectedness of our communities and networks, on- and offline, can help us with the new realities
Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals will require a considerable, sustained, financial and political commitment from every country in the world. The SDGs have set a remarkably inclusive and holistic agenda for the international community, unlike any we have seen before.
Motivation is critical with Millennials and Gavin has a compelling recipe to feed, as well as leverage, their passions. His social media agency handles companies of all types across many sectors.
The "next big academic move" for any member of the family often becomes an endeavor for the entire family these days.