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Black Voices
"I feel very lucky and blessed that I’m still here today able to breathe and reinvent myself."
"You have two sides," Charles says. "One side, you feel good because you're saying, 'My voice done made it. Number one, worldwide
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Because, under the silly stuff is deep stuff. Or so says Joe Diebes, the composer behind the new, New York Times-approved
Honestly, people. How about Chris Brown at last year's Billboard Music Awards? The singer, equally known for being Rihanna's
Technical wizardry in the recording studio has literally changed the playing field so that, like elite athletes, singers either "digitally dope" to compete in a very competitive arena where perfect vocals are expected, or they risk being seen as sub-par in an industry where "everyone's doing it."
A compilation of famous singers failing at lip syncing.
Well, this is embarrassing. It's bad enough when a famous musician resorts to lip syncing a performance. But when something
Why apologize, Mark, for who we are and what the world has made of us? We are both proud parents, and we'll do what we must do to protect our children and our country.
For those alienated by the Arcade Fire's win, it strangely feels like last year's public outcry about Obamacare. The whole package was met with a wariness that this was somehow too big and too Canadian.
Cage the Elephant's second album marks a departure of sorts for the band, in that the tracks on this album are arguably more raw, louder, and in your face.
What's next for Michael? Hopefully, more music. He sadly says that he just interested in creating absurdly catchy pop songs
New York
The 15 Penn Plaza plan will bring down the legendary Hotel Pennsylvania. The hotel, built in 1919, has a rich history, an essential part of which is bound up with my father's first hit as a songwriter.
We're tired of all the superficial, talentless artists the music biz boogeyman is forcing on us.