millie bobby brown

Even Brown's fiancé, Jake Bongiovi, was laughing at her ridiculous attempt to hide from the cameras.
The Grammy winner isn’t fazed by the youthful romance, noting: “I don’t know if age matters.”
Posts from the couple on social media seem to suggest they'll be getting married.
Under pressure, Brown said her "Stranger Things" co-star was a "lousy" kisser.
The pop icon appeared to take offense to the “Stranger Things” actor's wish.
The star said she has a "deep-rooted fear" she won't be able to shake the new practice she adopted on the set of "Enola Holmes 2."
An animated heist comedy and serial killer series are also trending on the streaming service.
“People say, ‘Oh, you can’t say too much, like don’t spoil it,’” said Brown. “I'm like, ‘Oh no, I wish I could spoil it for you, I don’t know anything.’”
The British actor shared she thinks the finale “would be great” if she were bestowed creative control.
The “Stranger Things” star gets candid about the challenges of growing up in the spotlight.