"Raise taxes on people like us. Immediately. Substantially. Permanently," urged the rich people, calling themselves Millionaires for Humanity.
As I watched him on stage, I recall thinking how none of this had come to him naturally. At fifteen, he struggled to fit
Social Media Grants you Access to the Global Market You can think of a business idea you can push on social media. You can
The poor The rich If you guessed #2, you would be correct. The rich are far more likely to keep a budget. Often times they
Every day I'd take a random habit that I knew was good (see the attached 20) and I'd try to improve it a little. Just "1
As the story goes, he was 21 years old, completely broke, living and working out of his parent's garage in New Zealand and in just 4 short years started a wildly successful consulting business, moved to Manhattan and made over 10 million dollars.
I had the pleasure of interviewing the CEO of Hotjar about the online launch that propelled the product into an avalanche of organic growth taking the company from 0 to 1,000,000 dollars in turnover in 6 short months.
Ever heard the saying, "the average millionaire has 7 sources of income"? Well that's what this post is about... generating those sources of income. I've carefully selected 7 income sources that have a low barrier of entry.
The world is very volatile and each era is shaped by the thoughts and desires of a few individuals who have guts enough to
Did you say to yourself at the beginning of 2016 that this was going to be your year? Did you promise yourself that this was going to be the year you finally launched your business, got it off the ground, and take it to the stratosphere?